a dress with six pockets

Lately, i sit confortably on the armchair and stitch away.

Outside, the mountain is hidden under a heavy cloack of mist. Inside, the fire crackles on the wood stove and the children play together.

Yesterday, i found a beautiful piece of thick old linen and made myself a quick skirt, it took only that day. Ahh, the pleasure of having again a skirt of the right length, the right flow. I was waiting and longing for her since the fire.

Today, i’m making a dress for Violeta. Last week, at the end of a long walk, standing at the top of the hill next to the house, we stopped to gaze into the horizon. Suddenly, she looked at me and said, touching her own dress: «I wish my dress would move in the wind as much as yours!»

So she’ll be stepping into a new dress pretty soon! A magical dress with one pocket for each of her years!




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