magic revealed

And here it is in all it’s glory, Violeta’s dress fresh from the dye pot!

Well, washed, dried and wore for one day… She couldn’t wait a moment longer than she had to so she could wear it!

It makes me happy how happy i made her!

The dress is made from beautiful, soft yet sturdy raw silk. All the stitching was done with silk thread. And the hemming around the armholes and neck was made with remnants from a thin and airy silk shirt.

The leaves used were determined by the wild fairy that will be wearing the gown: we picked young eucaliptus globulus leaves (just over turning from oval to pointy shapped), collected golden brown oak leaves from our land and took just three leaves from a spontaneous lupine that is growing next to the path. Headed inside the house with our bounty and also chose eucaliptus cinerea and purple onion skins.

She arranged the plant material and my only intervention was the tying of the bundle around a rusty old chisel. The girl definitely has a natural talent: the result is simply magnificent!!


1Here is Mulberry, our guest feline friend, helping me take a prettier picture!














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