slow fashion

So what is slow fashion? – you might ask.

At home, sitting in my armchair, receiving the golden beams of the afternoon sun, i stitch and stitch and stitch some more. Every stitch is one closer to having a finished garment, but another stitch (or one hundred) can always be added.

I construct garments from natural fibers, from beautiful silks – raw, ahimsa, some recicled mulberry – linens, cotton, wool, nettle. And many old heirloom fabrics from my maternal family’s chest of treasures. Each and every stitch is made with soft silk.

These garments come from my imagination and from inspiration i gather from nature, details from existing pieces of clothing on mine or friends closets. Many times, ideas flow into my dreams and many others i collect small scraps of paper with mad sketches of details and interesting features.

In these days of fast fashion and fast society, when people are compelled to buy and discard, i hope for a world where us humans have less, but better; where we own frugaly and tend for our possessions.

urze is this. Hand made garments, stitched in almost meditation.

urze agulha

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